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The Costs Behind Remodeling The Kitchen And Bathroom

Remodeling any room in the home is a big step. The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most commonly remodeled rooms in the home. Why? Because they have the potential to add the most value to the home. Home buyers almost always go straight to the kitchen and then to the bathroom when they are considering a purchase. How much does it cost to remodel these rooms and is it really worth it? This article will give you more information, but it is recommended to discuss it with a reliable home renovation contractor.

Cost Of Remodeling The Kitchen

The average kitchen remodeling project will cost anywhere between $11,000 and $30,000 with the exact average being closer to $20,000. However, it’s entirely possible for remodeling projects to fall well beneath or land well above this average. It all depends on how large the project is and how well you budget.

You could plan a rather small remodeling project in the kitchen that stays closer to $10,000. This might only include new cabinetry, sinks, appliances, and paint. On the other hand, you could also launch a massive remodeling project that costs upwards of $35,000. The larger project could include new countertops, floors, and newer appliances.

Only you can know what your budget is and where you hope to land on the scale above. By knowing your budget beforehand, you can plan accordingly and be certain you tackle the essentials without wasting extra money on the bells and whistles (unless that’s what you’re going for). You can also save money by working with the right contractors or by getting your materials from the right supplier.

Breaking Down The Cost

Before you start planning your next remodeling project, let us take a look at where the funds usually wind up going. The majority of the expense of any kitchen remodeling project is going to hardware and new cabinetry. Almost every remodeling job includes new cabinetry as it is one of the most important focal points of any kitchen. The second largest and most important expense is the countertops.

Cabinets tend to cost so much because most homeowners go for custom cabinetry. Their expense can be cut drastically by installing stock kitchen cabinets instead. There are a lot of great stock cabinets that would fit perfectly in the kitchen with a much smaller price tag attached.

In the case of the countertops, a lot of money can be saved by investing in cheaper materials that closely resemble their more expensive counterparts. Granite or quartz are top-of-the-line, but they are also expensive. Tile or synthetic countertops can easily match a granite countertop in terms of appearance, but cost considerably less.

Estimates show that around 14 percent of the average remodeling project is going to new appliances and ventilation. Money can be saved here by savvy shopping. Use the internet to find the best deals or wait until they go on sale. You could save upwards of thirty percent by simply being patient and waiting for the right deal.

The Cost Of Bathroom Remodeling

Even on the more expensive end of the spectrum, the average bathroom remodeling project is going to be considerably cheaper than a kitchen. For the obvious reason, the bathroom is always smaller than the kitchen. There’s less room to work with, but still plenty of work that can be done. The average bathroom is going to cost between $6,000 and $13,000 with the average being right around $10,000.

As with the kitchen, you may find your project costs more or less than this average depending on many of the same factors. The companies you work with, the depth of your project, and how well you plan ahead. You can make a difference in the bathroom and increase the value of your home for less than $4,000. You could also wind up spending more than $20,000 if you go all out with new everything.

The bathroom is one of the best rooms to remodel because its costs are on the low end of the scale, but the return on your investment can be significant. If you remodel the bathroom in a style to accent the rest of the home it can help take a home from sitting on the market to “sold” in a short period.

Bathroom projects can actually eat a large chunk of time despite their small size. This is because there are a lot of pipes in the bathroom. Making significant changes to the sink, tub, or toilet could require a lot of additional plumbing work. That is why the cheaper projects tend to leave these items where they are at and focus on improving other areas of the room.

Is It Worth It?

If you plan and budget accordingly, then absolutely. As mentioned, these should be the first rooms in the home you consider remodeling if you are planning to sell in the future. However, it’s easy to bite off more than you can chew and wind up losing money in these projects. That’s why it’s important to work hand-in-hand with local professionals who have been in the business for awhile.